• Susan Ortiz, MD

    Susan Ortiz, MD

    Specializing in Physical Medicine, Holistic Pain Management, Wellness and Restorative Health.



    - Independent consultations


    - Medical Acupuncture


    - Medical cannabis evaluations


    - Pain management


    - Healthy aging and restoration of function


    - Mind-Body medicine


    - Energetics








  • Am I the right doctor for you to see? If you have any of these concerns, the answer is Yes.




    Do you feel that you are living fully and freely?

    Or, does your health limit you from being as active and engaged in life as you know you could be?



    Do you sometimes feel that you will just have to put up with it and live like this forever?

    Or, perhaps there a part of you that knows (or hopes) that you will not have to settle for this?



    Are you tired of getting the run-around and feeling like a number in a "big-box" medical clinic?



    Do you feel like you are just being prescribed medication without knowing why you are not well? Do you suspect that medication may be actually be harming you?



    You are not alone. Even doctors and nurses are overwhelmed by the current state of the healthcare system. If you are in an accident or have an emergency situation, you should definitely seek conventional medical care.

    If you have a more subtle problem or a chronic condition that is not improving, then it is time to look at underlying factors. Take action to preserve your health, longevity and function.


    Having poor health is not just a drag on your life, it can be very costly these days. Investing money on good nutrition and restorative medicine will cost you less and give you more freedom and allow you to be more productive throughout your life.


    Do not underestimate your own healing potential. Human beings are astoundingly resilient and adaptable when given the right tools for healing.





    What life and health challenges are you experiencing?



    Whether it's your joints, your back, your digestion, allergies, anxiety, insomnia or any other health concern, there is always a way to help you move past it.


    A holistic approach is the best way to really help you

    identify the underlying factors that may be contributing to your symptoms.


    My patients report increased energy, vitality, mobility, mental clarity and focus, better engagement with life and people and best of all.... freedom. Freedom to go places, do things, meet people, have experiences and thrive. To truly live. That's the natural way to live.



  • I have been a medical doctor since 1990 and have had the privilege of studying with some of the best doctors and healers in the world. Just as there are many reasons for illness, there are many paths to healing.

    Board certified in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Integrative & Holistic Medicine

    Residency: New York University Rusk Institute

    Sacred Ecstatics - The Keeney Institute

    Spiritual Healing in Brazil

    Whole Health Medicine Institute physician

    Founder, Maine Holistic Center

    Medical Acupuncture: Helms Institute at UCLA

    Mind-Body Medicine: Harvard

    Energy Medicine: Eden and others

    Balance Method: Tan

    Myofascial Release: Barnes

    Body Talk

    Conscious Body/Voice Dialogue

    Qigong and Meditation


    and more...


    "The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to it's original size."

    - Oliver Wendell Holmes




  • Independent Medical Assessments

    Do you need an objective opinion on your health condition? Your medical history and records can be reviewed and recommendations offered. This is for those who require more personalized information than is usually available in the present healthcare environment.

    Mind-Body Medicine

    Believe it or not, your thoughts and beliefs can affect your health in very significant ways.  There is a great deal of scientific research supporting this.  You may be sabotaging your health without realizing it on a conscious level.

    You can learn to identify this harmful mental activity and change the programs for faster and better results.

    Medical Marijuana Evaluation

    Marijuana is legal in Maine for medical purposes and treatment of specific medical conditions, including chronic intractable pain, bowel dysfunction, post-traumatic stress disorder, spasticity and others.


    This treatment option can sometimes be the most effective.


    A physician who agrees to maintain a doctor-patient relationship and to monitor your ongoing needs is essential for the best results with this treatment.

    Integrative Pain Evaluation

    What are the best treatment options for you?  Is there anything other than surgery or medication that would help you?  What are the costs and benefits of your treatment options?  Are you missing some piece of the puzzle?

    Medical Energetics

    Energy pathways and centers  can affect your health and vitality.  There are some very elegant theories of how this works and it is always amazing how so many signs and symptoms that baffle many doctors can be explained by considering the energy pathways.



    Nerves, muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, fascia. All need to be properly aligned for the most effortless and graceful movement. Blocks and restrictions can be the first indication of future limitations And premature aging.

    Medical Acupuncture

    As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, acupuncture can be highly effective for many different symptoms and their underlying cause.  The meridian paradigm can be a very interesting and enlightening way to assess your symptoms.  It is an ancient form of medicine that is still highly relevant and safe.

    Health and Life Coaching

    You may think you know what to do to improve your life and health, but are you doing it? Why not? Working with someone who can see where your blocks are and can help you move through them is one of the keys to living healthy, happy and free.

    Nutritional Supplements, herbals and medication

    The right supplements in the right potency can make a big difference.  Even the best of diets are deficient in nutrients that we need to perform maximally.  For starters, make sure your vitamin D3 level is optimized.  Essential fatty acids, antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and probiotics are all essential for optimal function mentally and physically.

    Herbal remedies are sometimes the best treatment for sensitive people.  Choosing the correct ones makes all the difference.

  • Consultations with Dr. Ortiz

    For those in the Northeast, Dr. Ortiz is located at Stillpoint Rehabilitation & Wellness, LLC by appointment only.

    Address: 15 State Street, Bangor, ME 04401

    Phone: 207-990-2934

    Fax: 800-928-8071

    Email: drsusanortiz@gmail.com


    Bangor, Maine is served by air and bus transportation.

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